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Friday, January 15, 2010

Event Execs Groupie~UiTM Shah Alam~1st Batch Bachelor in Event Management

Fellow Friends,

Sudah tukar kerjaaa!!! im still in event line bt instead of going to work in only 7mins time, now i have to struggle n in a battlefield with the jammy for 45mins to reach my office(if im lucky la, if salah timing kwar keje, about 1hour jugak baru smpaiiiii....)

I call this as career advancmnt. its not dat my previous company didnt treat me well ( tettttt! obviously they were not!) its just dat for me its time to move on. but still in event lineee?

At some extend i was likeee is this what i want? To be in event line? Can i really2 work under pressure?To be on d go 24hrs? Kalau cakap memang berabuk , maklumla time cakap i can do this, i can do that, bukannya kena byr pun. pakai air liur je... Im not suree..hurm, now i have to handle 3projects under my skirt which really makes me watafak all d time. Im a good pretender in term of doing a good pr to everybody. but then is this what i want. Am i Good enuf in this line myself? To optimize at the end of the road, of course there is no short cut in life .

Yes, d basic in this line will be so-so but the commssn at d end of the event will be masyuk, thus of course u have to cry all d way baru laughing hahahaha at end result. Last weekend ive met this CEO of .......... i call her kak lyn and she gv me a very good advice bout career wise and how she wants to see me 5years fm now as she expect and believe I will be. Dear Event Execs, Its nt about me, its about us, d world revolving around us..Event execs groupie, what happen to us? where's d spirit?Where are we noww?? congrats to aca dat getting married , pet for his new exclusively job, sincan for always stay positive in life and gv a good advce to me even though selalunya masuk telinga kanan kwar telinga kanan gakkk.... ;p , shat and amid with yapeim n for those yg 'where are thou?' update usss!!!!

Im murmuring ( i believe sincan akan ckap 'apa ko membebel ni aya...' ) but then thanks for your time reading it, keep it as a journal of ex-event exec life ;p do update us with ur story pulaks.

See u guys at our convocation day :)

Warmest Regards ( s warm s friday's sunshine),
Mia Soraya

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