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Monday, May 30, 2011

LPT10881: Review for UE200

LPT10881: Review for UE200
As soon as I opened the package, I was pleased with how small the hard casing was. Surprisingly, it’s lightweight too. I also realized there were quite a few spare earbuds provided in the package which is good.  However, I find it a little bit tough to determine which is what size. Some of them are pretty similar in size. So I had to try them one by one to determine which one is smaller.

So in terms of sound quality, I was very pleased. I’ve never used in-ear earphones before so to try it for the first time, I was quite excited. Once I put it on, it felt quite comfortable. Then I put on some songs on my MP3, and I immediately hear the difference between this earphone and the stock earphones I was using before. I even heard sounds that I never heard before (the detailed parts like strings of the guitar etc.). I was also quite impressed with the noise isolation; I can’t really hear anything once I turn on the music.  I actually used this earphone while commuting daily to Uni on foot, or ferries and buses. So it’s very nice to have this noise isolating earphones and not having to hear the sounds of the engines.
So overall, I’m very happy with the earphones mainly because:
*It fits my lifestyle – thanks to the small size case, it fits into my hand bag easily.
*It also improved the pleasure of listening to my favourite songs – a huge jump from the stock earphones I was using. 
However, I would like to suggest if possible, to have the earbuds labeled (i.e. the sizes)? Anyhow, thanks to the positive experience, I will recommend this earphone to my friends!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take off the glasses, you are rosing up my view

Pergh.. gambar di atas nampak sangat joyah dan kepoh heheheh ;p

It seems like forever since the last time i've injected my hp ink here. been too busy with stuff. and for those who loyally doing a part time job as my stalker ( no offense, once in a while ill stalk people as well, so kosong kosong ar.. ehheh). For the very first time in my entire universe life, I've abandoned muka buku saya aka facebook.Like for real. of course ill reactivate my account but not anytime soon. at least till i pulling an all-nighter to finish my assignment. Yeah of course I cant help myself from lurking around facebook and facestalking. But I'm not being the real me.. Cause even though I own more than one Prius and 2000 friends, vigilantly, i wont pretend to know them. I hardly know half of these people.

I need my daily-dose-real-life of entertainment !!

Restating the obvious, I might as well change to the new book: Fakebook. With Fakebook, I can be your partner, your sister, your worst enemy, your best-est friend, the girl of your dream, your future wife or the bitch . depends on how you treat me. Isn't it ironic? =)

Come on, i bet on my new ed hardy shirt that most of you experience similar situation:)

Urghh... Encik lelaki,when a woman in her silent mode, it's either she's over thinking, tired of waiting, falling apart, crying inside or maybe.. just maybe.. she's stuck up with her never ending asgmt. Like me. I'm in the middle of finishing my thesis and my 2other asgmts. There are plenty of options for me to choose for the topic of my research proposal. should i choose sustainable tourism? or hotel operation? or maybe staging memorable event? how about the research design..? qualitative? quantitative? mixture of both? syyyhhhss.. stop it cik so. Dear life, please be my nail so i can be your finger.. and we both can live happily ever after.

Dah dah.. back to work!
Miss me much? Till we meet again love :)
Cik So

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

St. Ives Green Tea & Scrub Review

Yeay im among the luckiest girls that been appointed by St.Ives to try their new product. And am going to make an honest review based on my ‘real’ experience of using St. Ives' products.

Pick of the week!

St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser

I am a huge fan of St.Ives Green Tea series!! And please take note that I didn’t get paid a single cent from them. They deserve this compliment. The thing about the green cleanser is it definitely helps reducing the size of my not-so-many pimples ;p and calms redness. The cleanser leaves my skin super soft ( no kidding) and smells really good.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Okay, regardless the fact that been stated at the back of the sachet telling me that ‘Used daily for best results’, I am clearly sure I can’t buy on that. Need to be extra careful because I have a quite sensitive skin. So yeah, definitely can’t do the scrub regularly either, cause it may result in rashes. Apart from that, try ittt!!~! OOhooh the scrub is skin-soothing ( i love the ‘micro-beans’). Nevertheless, to be honest, i am not sure with the users that hv dry skin whether it’s gonna suits them well or not.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

Great product & really worth the $$!