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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kau fikir banyak sangat/You think too much

Everyone has fears. and i'm not an exception for this. I have quite a number of fears. But the mighty one would be Fear of the Unknown. 

"Fear of the unknown is a peculiar condition in most of us, where we find ourselves at our wit's end while thinking of embarking upon something we are not acquainted with"

What's wrong with me? I can't go on like this. It would definitely close down windows of opportunity.  I keep on saying I can't do that, I can't do this. WHY? I guess because i never tried it before, I'm not familiar with it. I fear of the new and to cope up with prevailing situations. I'm afraid I might take a wrong turn and that turn could end up to an undesirable area which again..... I'm AFRAID i will regret it later. I want that road to be the same, no bumpy no dusty no hassle no fassle. I have this negative feelings towards places or situation that i don't know well enough. I am too comfortable with my own creation of cubicle.

I hope this is normal.
Everyone feels the same when it comes to something they are not familiar with or else..
I will hate myself for this.

My dear self, open  your eyes, open your mind and pretty please open your heart. Perhaps there are places that you could beautifully treasure. Yes there is nothing wrong to be optimistic but please do.. do count your blessings of life. Be realistic. Live with your fears and you could miss out on something fabulous.

One of my close friends conclude my fear of the unknown by saying 'Kau fikir banyak sangat' aka You think too much'.... I guess she's right.

Rely on yourself. Trust yourself. You can do this.

Cik So

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have you ever been in this kind of situation?

You walking down the street la la la la and ACCIDENTally you bumped into your outa space friend. I mean.. the one that you don't want to get involve or even have eye contact like in 10 million years. You've tried so hard to ignore her but as you both walk at the same opposite face to face direction, there's nothing you can do . tak dapek nak lari dah. you have to say 'hi' . Or else, you both can only angkat kening , senyum separa ikhlas and off you go. Erk, ill opt the first one. saya orang melayu. ada budi bahasa.

Cik So pura pura terkejut: 'Eh Tina.. How are you?'

Tina kerek: 'Oh Cik so. Fine. How about you?' 

Cik So dingin: 'I'm good'

Creek Creek... Creek Creek...

Tina kerek: 'Err.. buat apa sekarang?' soalan wajib.

Cik So boring: 'Oh i dah kerjakat sinun. How about you?'

Tina dah start nak show off: 'Oh i dah jadi housewife. Husband I lah tak nak I kerja. Dia mampu nk tanggung I. He wants me to focus jaga family je. So ni lah kerja I. Shopping.. Holiday-ing. Er.. you dah kahwin?'

Cik So pantang tanya pasal kawin: 'Oh belum lagi'

Tina dah start nak korek rahsia: 'Eh , dulu kan you couple ngn mamat kepala angin dia je betul tuh? You still dengan dia kan?'

Cik So pantang tanya pasal ex boyfie: 'Oh dia tuh, boleh pergi mamp sama dia. Cakap tak serupa bikin, before couple kemain sayang cinta lautan api nk renang, gunung ganang nak panjat, tau tau je dah nampak perempuan dahi jendol terus terpikat'


Jawapan sebenar Cik So: 'Oh takde jodoh dengan dia'

Tina si mamarazzi: 'Oh sorry to hear bout that. apa jadi between you two? Dulu kemain loving couple?'

Cik So nak ngelat: 'It's a long story dear. Ops tik tok tik tok, I really need to go now. Need to run some errands. You know what? Let's HANG OUT! You still pakai the same number kan? I'll call you later aite!

And.. off me go. bye bye tina aso santiago. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What to do when you are bored

How bored are you?.


I am bored.

So.. what you need to do when you are bored?

1) Whining . To show that you are bored. Like really really my-life-sucks-i dont know what to do bored

2) Purr.. So you can still look cute even though you are bored

3) Learn Spanish. So you can sound  like a romantic at heart

4) Camwhore. So you can take your photo from above angle and pout your lips  and and then post it on facebook with the caption, ' I look fat!' and secretly hope that strangers at facebook will reply and say 'No you're not! You look cute!' ( but then.. maybe deep down inside they wanna say, bluerghh.. you look like a botox fish to me missy)

5) Annoy yourself . You can't annoy others when you are bored. People hate that.

6) Stalk others on Facebook. Obviously you do this ALL THE TIME. Even though you are busy you still have time to stalk people so this one..erk.. doesn't count.

7) DayDream. It's okay if  you wish you are Justin Bieber sometimes. People hate and give nasty comments about your hairstyle and yet.. you are still rich and famous. And that 'people', well.. same old same old.

8) Update information about gossip. Type: Wow! Sounds intelligent!

9) Online Shopping. Well.. just do it because.. you are bored. And  because you have nothing else to do. The concept:  Spend now, Regret later

10) Sleep. Yes.. get your beauty sleep while you are bored. Naiseeee...

11) ZzzZzzzzzzZzzzZZzzzzzzZZzz......

Monday, June 13, 2011

Europe's Skies

It's amazing how a song can inspires you to explore the world. to explore your feelings towards your funny little world. And this one song managed to not only inspired me but the sincerity of the song and kudos to the singer that has eventually moved me to push myself to see the world and view it in the eyes of a bird..

 “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Monday, June 6, 2011

Michelle Obama: Love & Relationships

I want to share this with my fellow readers. Advice from the First lady of United States towards young women on how to find the perfect man:

Cute’s good. But cute only lasts for so long, and then: Who are you as a person?
That’s the advice I would give to women: Don’t look at the $$bankbook$$ or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. Look at how the guy treats his mother and what he says about women. 

How he acts with children he doesn’t know. And, more important, how does he treat you? When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good. You should never feel less than. You should never doubt yourself. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole. 

And if you’re in that relationship and you’re dating, then my advice is, don’t get married. Get out of it and find that person that brings you complete and utter joy with who you are at the moment.

It's true tho. 

Cik Sagi...

Sagittarius 2011 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

Loyal to a fault, a Sagittarius can sometimes struggle to see those who are not in his corner. The Sagittarius 2011 yearly horoscope shows that t his will be a tricky year in terms of some of those familial and friendship relationships. 

The thing is, Sag, you are becoming the best you’ve ever been. You will be at peak performance in 2011, with all of those sparkling Sag qualities lighting up and attracting even more folks to your realm. This can cause dissention amongst certain friendships that feel threatened or a concern that they might get left behind. Do not make any major decisions but do not limit yourself. 

Make friends with who you like. It is your life. Still, cut out old friends on the basis of lame behaviour. Talk it out and work through it. By the end of the year, your real friends will still be around. As will a strong and new relationship with a special someone.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just my two cents

The story bout a teenage girl that thinks love is everything, everything is love: Get rid of the scars

Stop judging people. Why don't we buy a big huge with a pink scarf on top of the mirror and look at how 'sweet, naive, im a good girl i never lie to my parents-i never back-stab my friends, im so perfect' . Na ah.. it's not a trick mirror. If this is how you projected seriously? Get a life. How you see yourself in the mirror is somehow differ to how people see you or how you appear in photos and portrayals. 

Adinda: Yes she's too much. Nevertheless, we shouldn't condemn or personally ridicule the way she thinks bout the world (her world to be exact). Me think the difference that partake between us vs her would be... We didn't share our private life story publicly. and she thinks using blog is the best medium to express her 'free thoughts bout love, sex, pavilion, starbucks'. oh boy.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't say that she's right but I'm not going to judge her. For God's sake, who do we think we are to make her our fav laughing stock  and give this unnecessary and excessive negative remarks towards her when we. ourself. used to have that moments as well. For instance, I used to love this 'boy' like gila and I thought that's it. It's gonna be the end of the world when I knew that he has another girl. But still, having said that doesn't mean that I agreed and tepuk tangan saying that yes that's how we rock and roll our teen life baby. No. Life doesn't work that way. 

She might has step forward advancing her border and the flirtations of her life might be subtle and coy enough to be construed and she might not even notice bout it. After all, everyone wants to be adored and appreciated by the opposite sex. No doubt about that. yeah when you are 12-18 your emotions run high and you think you need to be cool, social and have boyfriend-ss yada yada yada. BUT. She needs to know that whatever it is, regardless of how extraordinaire' the dreams she has planted towards the world (her world.. again to be exact) she needs to know the basic rule, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Ultimatums will only make you seem paranoid with your life. Don't do that. Don't let your excitableness destroy your life.  You know what? Buy yourself a diary if you really don't want people to judge you. Otherwise.. memang sengaja cari masalah la jawabnya. Tak dapek den nak nolong.

Urm erm hurm,
Cik So

Monday, May 30, 2011

LPT10881: Review for UE200

LPT10881: Review for UE200
As soon as I opened the package, I was pleased with how small the hard casing was. Surprisingly, it’s lightweight too. I also realized there were quite a few spare earbuds provided in the package which is good.  However, I find it a little bit tough to determine which is what size. Some of them are pretty similar in size. So I had to try them one by one to determine which one is smaller.

So in terms of sound quality, I was very pleased. I’ve never used in-ear earphones before so to try it for the first time, I was quite excited. Once I put it on, it felt quite comfortable. Then I put on some songs on my MP3, and I immediately hear the difference between this earphone and the stock earphones I was using before. I even heard sounds that I never heard before (the detailed parts like strings of the guitar etc.). I was also quite impressed with the noise isolation; I can’t really hear anything once I turn on the music.  I actually used this earphone while commuting daily to Uni on foot, or ferries and buses. So it’s very nice to have this noise isolating earphones and not having to hear the sounds of the engines.
So overall, I’m very happy with the earphones mainly because:
*It fits my lifestyle – thanks to the small size case, it fits into my hand bag easily.
*It also improved the pleasure of listening to my favourite songs – a huge jump from the stock earphones I was using. 
However, I would like to suggest if possible, to have the earbuds labeled (i.e. the sizes)? Anyhow, thanks to the positive experience, I will recommend this earphone to my friends!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take off the glasses, you are rosing up my view

Pergh.. gambar di atas nampak sangat joyah dan kepoh heheheh ;p

It seems like forever since the last time i've injected my hp ink here. been too busy with stuff. and for those who loyally doing a part time job as my stalker ( no offense, once in a while ill stalk people as well, so kosong kosong ar.. ehheh). For the very first time in my entire universe life, I've abandoned muka buku saya aka facebook.Like for real. of course ill reactivate my account but not anytime soon. at least till i pulling an all-nighter to finish my assignment. Yeah of course I cant help myself from lurking around facebook and facestalking. But I'm not being the real me.. Cause even though I own more than one Prius and 2000 friends, vigilantly, i wont pretend to know them. I hardly know half of these people.

I need my daily-dose-real-life of entertainment !!

Restating the obvious, I might as well change to the new book: Fakebook. With Fakebook, I can be your partner, your sister, your worst enemy, your best-est friend, the girl of your dream, your future wife or the bitch . depends on how you treat me. Isn't it ironic? =)

Come on, i bet on my new ed hardy shirt that most of you experience similar situation:)

Urghh... Encik lelaki,when a woman in her silent mode, it's either she's over thinking, tired of waiting, falling apart, crying inside or maybe.. just maybe.. she's stuck up with her never ending asgmt. Like me. I'm in the middle of finishing my thesis and my 2other asgmts. There are plenty of options for me to choose for the topic of my research proposal. should i choose sustainable tourism? or hotel operation? or maybe staging memorable event? how about the research design..? qualitative? quantitative? mixture of both? syyyhhhss.. stop it cik so. Dear life, please be my nail so i can be your finger.. and we both can live happily ever after.

Dah dah.. back to work!
Miss me much? Till we meet again love :)
Cik So

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

St. Ives Green Tea & Scrub Review

Yeay im among the luckiest girls that been appointed by St.Ives to try their new product. And am going to make an honest review based on my ‘real’ experience of using St. Ives' products.

Pick of the week!

St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser

I am a huge fan of St.Ives Green Tea series!! And please take note that I didn’t get paid a single cent from them. They deserve this compliment. The thing about the green cleanser is it definitely helps reducing the size of my not-so-many pimples ;p and calms redness. The cleanser leaves my skin super soft ( no kidding) and smells really good.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Okay, regardless the fact that been stated at the back of the sachet telling me that ‘Used daily for best results’, I am clearly sure I can’t buy on that. Need to be extra careful because I have a quite sensitive skin. So yeah, definitely can’t do the scrub regularly either, cause it may result in rashes. Apart from that, try ittt!!~! OOhooh the scrub is skin-soothing ( i love the ‘micro-beans’). Nevertheless, to be honest, i am not sure with the users that hv dry skin whether it’s gonna suits them well or not.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

Great product & really worth the $$!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Road Trip: Journey to the North of Queensland

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Road Trip to La La Land

Please take note that my fingers not going to tap anything on keyboard starting from 22nd till 25th of April cause we're all going for a horlicks-Day! yeay yeay! Easter Break is approaching vroom vroom fast and me with good friends of mine have been debating on where when to do (okay, not exactly debating, we were just discussing in the most appropriate manner.. wink!). Therefore, after some so-called 'discussion', we decided to spend our Easter Break enjoying an age old Australian university student tradition... 

taking a ROAD TRIP!

This time around we are heading to Hervey Bay (299km from Brisbane). It's going to be a cheap holiday cause we eagerly want to experience student's style of holiday. And yes specifically we don't want to just sit around campus and room doing homework. Not that we've never experienced it before. Last year during easter break, we've went to New South Wales. We drove (yes .. including me.. jangan buat pengsan terkejut tak percaya ye.. hehehe ) from Brisbane and it takes us 398 km to safely arrived at Coffs Harbour (NSW). 

I put loads of sugar for this trip as the trip itself is the reason for the fantabulous vacation. Without doubt, we are going to make stops along the way and hopefully along the way, we are going to experience the best moments in life. What I like about traveling is .. it makes me understand myself better, and I can actually feel the bound between the wide world and my inner self. Simply amazing. 

   “He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” – Moorish proverb

(Hurm.. I'm going to make another post about traveling .. one fine perfect sweet day with birds singing and shout side by side and give me the exact magical moment that inspires me to write, or simply put.. when i have time. Goodness cik yaya, what an excuse!  ;)

till we meet again....
 Light of step, Glad of Heart.

Awesome Event Planner, 
Cik Yaya

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A day @ the museum sheesh the stress away!

I'm capable of having brain panic attack whenever I've been stuck up with load of assignments. As much as i want to believe that I AM a multitasker, the truth is .. yes i am =) . It's just that I cant be selfish and utterly persecute my dear self when it comes to 3 assignments, 1 thesis. I just love my dear self too much. urghhh.. Yes I'm a master student, but I'm not a master in torturing myself. uhuk uhuk.

One thing bout me, cause I'm in LURVEEEE with myself sooo much, I LURVEEE to reward myself too. If let say, I managed to study non stop for 2hours without even have this cruel intention to open facebook and stalk my frenemies.. I will ting a ling ling ring ling myself. Subsequently, (pergh, selalu pakai ayat ni dalam thesis) hahaah.. okey, one fine beautiful day, heard the birds singing their morning song side by side while me on my bed, stretching out  my legs and peacefully humming Bruno Mars' song, 'Lazy'

Hurm... tak boleh jadi nih. As usual i'll feel guilty towards myself if there's no productive activities going on. As much as I want to lay and stay on my comfort zone, I know I hv to get up and recharge my energy batt and synchronize with motivation and drive. Yes, Cik Yaya, gambatee! Where should I go, at 10am in the morning...thinking, rejuvenating, bathing, yawning.. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away..
oh, have you ever heard of .....
"A day at the museum sheesh the stress away"
Well.. you should try it !

* Thanks Lauren sweetie for accompanying  me to the museum even though i can see clearly you dont really like it hahaha.. Partypeople to Museumpeople.. na ahh ....*

Queensland Museum at Southbank
What was my agenda again? oh yes... kosongkan  minda, jangan berfikir... tengok je and enjoy. what i like about the museum was I can snap photos, I can walk directly up to all exhibits without any crowds surrounding me and  without any security barriers blocking my view. well yeah, there were some arts that made me think 'what the eff.. fuyooo.. urgh.. and what was that again?' but since my aim was to chill and loosen up, so what the fish.. 

                                      colorful trash bags

                            Display of silent players photographs 

Awww... Cutie pie!

Illusion..My favourite =)

I've spent almost 10minutes for this thing. Mesmerized!

And this parking lot tooo.. :)

Lauren's personal favourite =)

Spent almost 2hours with Lauren in the museum . Even though I'm not really into artsy fartsy thingy but I don't mind doing and having one once in a while and I must say that yes, it has expanded my knowledge and my imagination. No, it's not beyond amazing, but it's nice. urm, hope in near future, i'll have this kind of opportunity again). Well, I've spotted that the next exhibition will be about 'The way we rock' with rockstar playing his quitar  (of course in light of current situation).  so yes, guess I'll be seeing you again 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Night with Beautiful People

Nearly cancel it  (and thank God i didnt) cause after 3days of battle plan for the exam (durh, really, me? study?)  all i wanna do is have a nice massage, bubble tea, indulge in chocolate until i cant hold it anymore ( or because i feel guilty to my body cause eat loads).


anyway anyhow me and the rest of the gankers went to South Bank to celebrate one of our friends birthday (Happy Glorious Birthday JAJA!=) and  the main mission: to gather peeps around the table to have nice dinner and to have conversation bout food, beauty and life. yeah sounds pretty obvious eh? we had dinner at Turkish Restaurant called 'Mado'. 

It's just 10mins walk (well around 20mins if you keep on stopping for posing and snapping photos) from the Southbank citycat. We had reservation around 8pm. We were seated promptly and everybody was busy chatting and updating each otha with news and stuff. But then.. no food. tapping, clicking, while not so patiently waiting to savor the foods. pernah dengar orang tukar jadi monster tak bila lapar? Well i almost turned into one.huhhhhh...

It's a tradition for any Turkish restaurants here to attract their customers by having this bootylicious show (or what i would love to call as boobieslicious). 

Quick but i believe it's a new info:

'Belly dancing is very ancient in that part of the world that is now Turkey. Belly dance was preserved during the Middle Ages in the harems of the Ottoman Empire and the social dances of everyday people. Turkish belly dancing has been strongly influenced by the Romani (Gypsy) people as well as influences from ancient Goddess worshipping cultures'.

I really cant take my eyes off of her boobs (cause remind me of burger ramly.. special double one) while that girl performing her exotic belly dancing show.
Eh dont poke me lah. I was starving, what am i supposed to imagine? heheeh.. Three million years later, the meals finally arrived! phew!

We finished the meals around 11pm. and it's time to blow off the candle yeay! Happy Birthday jaja darling. Hope you will have a blast on your birthday =)

We killed the night by taking photos, hugging each other, smiling and laughing.. ahhh what a wonderful moment ( and glad i captured it) with a beautiful moon shining down towards our way back to the city cat. And obviously of course it's a must to have the camwhoring session among us. Scroll down.. yeah.. slowly but surely ;p

It might sound a bit selfish but I believe I am perfectly capable of enjoying myself alone. But whatever degree that selfishness might takes place, deep down inside... I really love being attached with true friends and get steady on my feet in a comforting net. Hurm and surprisingly ..out of the blue moon, while typing this.. I just cant stop myself from humming this song...

It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

 Can you hear the wedding bells? Can you? Nahhhhhh..not anytime soon ;p