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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What to do when you are bored

How bored are you?.


I am bored.

So.. what you need to do when you are bored?

1) Whining . To show that you are bored. Like really really my-life-sucks-i dont know what to do bored

2) Purr.. So you can still look cute even though you are bored

3) Learn Spanish. So you can sound  like a romantic at heart

4) Camwhore. So you can take your photo from above angle and pout your lips  and and then post it on facebook with the caption, ' I look fat!' and secretly hope that strangers at facebook will reply and say 'No you're not! You look cute!' ( but then.. maybe deep down inside they wanna say, bluerghh.. you look like a botox fish to me missy)

5) Annoy yourself . You can't annoy others when you are bored. People hate that.

6) Stalk others on Facebook. Obviously you do this ALL THE TIME. Even though you are busy you still have time to stalk people so this one..erk.. doesn't count.

7) DayDream. It's okay if  you wish you are Justin Bieber sometimes. People hate and give nasty comments about your hairstyle and yet.. you are still rich and famous. And that 'people', well.. same old same old.

8) Update information about gossip. Type: Wow! Sounds intelligent!

9) Online Shopping. Well.. just do it because.. you are bored. And  because you have nothing else to do. The concept:  Spend now, Regret later

10) Sleep. Yes.. get your beauty sleep while you are bored. Naiseeee...

11) ZzzZzzzzzzZzzzZZzzzzzzZZzz......


  1. mental la ko ni!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ni nora anak pacik rashid ke.. awak sumber inspirasi saya untuk number 4 dan 6. terima kasih =)