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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have you ever been in this kind of situation?

You walking down the street la la la la and ACCIDENTally you bumped into your outa space friend. I mean.. the one that you don't want to get involve or even have eye contact like in 10 million years. You've tried so hard to ignore her but as you both walk at the same opposite face to face direction, there's nothing you can do . tak dapek nak lari dah. you have to say 'hi' . Or else, you both can only angkat kening , senyum separa ikhlas and off you go. Erk, ill opt the first one. saya orang melayu. ada budi bahasa.

Cik So pura pura terkejut: 'Eh Tina.. How are you?'

Tina kerek: 'Oh Cik so. Fine. How about you?' 

Cik So dingin: 'I'm good'

Creek Creek... Creek Creek...

Tina kerek: 'Err.. buat apa sekarang?' soalan wajib.

Cik So boring: 'Oh i dah kerjakat sinun. How about you?'

Tina dah start nak show off: 'Oh i dah jadi housewife. Husband I lah tak nak I kerja. Dia mampu nk tanggung I. He wants me to focus jaga family je. So ni lah kerja I. Shopping.. Holiday-ing. Er.. you dah kahwin?'

Cik So pantang tanya pasal kawin: 'Oh belum lagi'

Tina dah start nak korek rahsia: 'Eh , dulu kan you couple ngn mamat kepala angin dia je betul tuh? You still dengan dia kan?'

Cik So pantang tanya pasal ex boyfie: 'Oh dia tuh, boleh pergi mamp sama dia. Cakap tak serupa bikin, before couple kemain sayang cinta lautan api nk renang, gunung ganang nak panjat, tau tau je dah nampak perempuan dahi jendol terus terpikat'


Jawapan sebenar Cik So: 'Oh takde jodoh dengan dia'

Tina si mamarazzi: 'Oh sorry to hear bout that. apa jadi between you two? Dulu kemain loving couple?'

Cik So nak ngelat: 'It's a long story dear. Ops tik tok tik tok, I really need to go now. Need to run some errands. You know what? Let's HANG OUT! You still pakai the same number kan? I'll call you later aite!

And.. off me go. bye bye tina aso santiago. 

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