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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kau fikir banyak sangat/You think too much

Everyone has fears. and i'm not an exception for this. I have quite a number of fears. But the mighty one would be Fear of the Unknown. 

"Fear of the unknown is a peculiar condition in most of us, where we find ourselves at our wit's end while thinking of embarking upon something we are not acquainted with"

What's wrong with me? I can't go on like this. It would definitely close down windows of opportunity.  I keep on saying I can't do that, I can't do this. WHY? I guess because i never tried it before, I'm not familiar with it. I fear of the new and to cope up with prevailing situations. I'm afraid I might take a wrong turn and that turn could end up to an undesirable area which again..... I'm AFRAID i will regret it later. I want that road to be the same, no bumpy no dusty no hassle no fassle. I have this negative feelings towards places or situation that i don't know well enough. I am too comfortable with my own creation of cubicle.

I hope this is normal.
Everyone feels the same when it comes to something they are not familiar with or else..
I will hate myself for this.

My dear self, open  your eyes, open your mind and pretty please open your heart. Perhaps there are places that you could beautifully treasure. Yes there is nothing wrong to be optimistic but please do.. do count your blessings of life. Be realistic. Live with your fears and you could miss out on something fabulous.

One of my close friends conclude my fear of the unknown by saying 'Kau fikir banyak sangat' aka You think too much'.... I guess she's right.

Rely on yourself. Trust yourself. You can do this.

Cik So

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